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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2014 2:30 pm

1: No bullying others in the Forums. This is a no no. If I get a message or if i catch you being a total jackass, and just being plain stupid then you will be removed from the Forums. Okay? Understand? Good.

2: God-modding. There is really no reason for you to be god-modding. If you don't know what God-modding is, its where you control another person's character. Also not taking any damage when it is put against you. There is no god-modding. Please don't do that.

3: Okay so I am allowing some cussing in this Forums. Yes, yay. But, must keep that cussing to a minimum please. I don't want you to use a cuss word every other word that you say, or your character says and such. That's the only rule. It will be corrected if seen okay?

4: Okay about sexual content on this website, it is allowed yes. But I would like you to take it to your Private messages please. I was going to allow it to be in the Role-Plays itself, but then i realized there is going to be some underage kids who come onto this website to Role-Play, so i decided against it. So please take any sexual content you have between your characters, to your Private messages. Once finished come back to your Role-Play.

5: I am allowing some drug use. But it has to be small and only had be pot. That's the only one I will allow to be seen by others. If you want to do more in private message, I can't stop you there.

6: Your posts. I would like your posts to be about a paragraph long, five sentences. This helps creative more atmosphere, and helps the people/person you are RPing with to feel more creativity. When you just write a sentence or two, it can be hard for someone to find motive or a muse to write back to you. Then at that point you might just loose that RP or RP partner. And I don’t want that. So please write at least a paragraph. I know you can do it.

7: Follow the Role-Play rules please. If someone posts rules on their Role-Play you must follow them. That's what those people want from you, so it must be done. So if you don’t like the rules set for that Role-Play, either don’t join or you can talk to the creator themselves and see if you can talk things out, if you really want to join. If I find out from them, or someone else, that you harass them, or break their RPing rules more than three times with warnings. I will let the Role-Play creator know you have been blocked from the Role-Play.

8: There are Role-Play marriages. Since there is no real Marriage button here, just post in your Status, or in your banner that you are married to so and so, that will make it official (in standards I guess Razz)

9: Please if you are going to put a signature on you, please don't make your signature very big. It takes a while to load on some people's computers and a lot of people don't want to have to keep scrolling to get past it. You can have a medium sized one, not just huge please.

10: Please have fun while you are here. And if you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask. I will answer them when I can.

11: Do NOT make your avatar a gif. I have not figured out how to make it the right size yet, so please don't. You will get a warning to change it, or if I see fit your posts will be deleted because they will end up to big, and make everything a clutter. Okay?

12: If you want a topic locked, or deleted by me, then please either message me with the link to the topic if you want it locked, or if you want the thread deleted then rename the thread "Delete Please" and I will delete it when I am able to see it. Thank you.

I will post more rules, if I think of any, so check back at nay time for anymore you must follow. I have a strike system in place, so like in baseball, three strikes and your out.

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