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PostSubject: Characters   Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:35 pm

Adrian Lupine Blackwell

Full Name: Adrian Lupine Blackwell
Sire Name: Adrian or Lupe
Gender: Male []
Wolf Type: General Wolf
Pack Name: Blackwell Pack
Pack Rank: 1st Beta
Strengths: Adrian has a keen since of smell, better than most of the other wolves in his pack. He can smell something miles away, that he thinks would be a good meal, something that's injured, or the smell of when one of his pack members is in need of help. He has really strong, yet slender legs. This is what helps him run across the ground as fast as he possibly can, his strength pushing him further, and his slenderness letting him move faster without being weighed down. He can easily catch up to pray, and use the strength in his limps to jump up and latch onto them.
Weaknesses: Adrian tends to be lazy when he can. Sometimes he will refuse to get up, and do what the alphas tell him because he doesn't feel like it. This normally gets him into trouble, and then he is stuck baby sitting the pups when the mothers go hunting for food which he really hates. He doesn't really like pups, and doesn't plan on having any in his future any time soon.
Sexual Preference: Straight [Loves the ladies]
General Looks: Pic1Pic2Pic3Gif1
Appearance Alterations: Blue Eyes
Personality: Adrian has sometimes been called the strong silent type. He doesn't normally speak unless spoken too, well depending on the person. When he is around his buds, he is loud and acts like a pup thinking he is funny. But he is just being obnoxious. When he is around the elders, he holds his ground, and hangs onto every word spoken to him from them, knowing he'll get into trouble if he doesn't act like he's supposed to. When it comes to girls, he tries to act cool, and like he is the best of the best, but he always gets shot down and they move onto another wolf. Adrian will do everything and anything in his power to protect the ones he holds dear to him. He will try his best to keeps those he loves out of dangers way, even if it means sacrificing his own personal being.

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